Sunday, June 5, 2011


So, few things have been going on since I last wrote:

1.) I am taking a new role within my organization. It's a lateral move but puts me into a new department in the company and allows me to go through further training/career development. So it's a good move.

2.) I am signed up for training that will take 1 whole week a month for the next 5 months to complete. But once I get this training I will be really marketable.

3.) I cut the shit out of my foot yesterday and had to go get 4 stitches. Not a good day. Now I am on crutches because I can't put much weight on it right now.

4.) I decided to join Jenny Craig as a way to put some forced structure into my eating for now. Food tastes pretty good and I am happy with this for now. I am hoping what this will do is break a few bad habits I have fallen into over the last year. I am doing good so far.

5.) I have a super cute foster kitty in my house that is taking up a lot of time while I try to socialize him. His name is Monty. I did have 3 of his brothers and sisters, but they have moved on to a new foster family. Monty is coming along so I think that he will be adoptable.

I think that is all for major updates. Back to sitting on the couch and letting my foot heal. 10 days and the stitches can come out.