Thursday, February 9, 2012

How's it going?

Well I can honestly say that I really thought this no TV thing was going to be difficult. It's really not. I still sit on my couch and eat dinner. I do like that instead of sitting at a table. But now it is just quiet and I can focus on what I am doing. I do feel that I have cut back on eating, especially eating mindlessly in front of the TV. Also - with the TV off to start with, this past weekend I just left it off most of the day and got things done around the house and for the Humane Society (new pages on the website for my feral program coming soon!).

As I work on this challenge I keep thinking about new challenges for myself. Other little things that I have put in place - take the stairs instead of elevators whenever possible and the only caffeine in the day is my morning coffee (which I love, love, love). I have a big idea for March that you will have to wait for. Oh my - on pins and needles now I am sure!!

Since I have survived this - I challenge you all to give it a try. Turn off the TV and computer when eating meals at home. Focus on what you are eating and how hungry you actually are. You can do it!!

Good Luck!