Sunday, December 28, 2014

30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

So I have joined a 30 clean eating challenge online. I joined the following event to start this challenge on January 5th. I want to use this to get back into my clean eating program (i.e. Paleo Program). It's time to make a change. I will incorporate this into my plan to eat regularly schedule meals.

Why I Like Paleo -
1.) Lose weight.
2.) Get lean - you lose fat and not muscle.
3.) Joints feel amazing!!
4.) Skin clears up.
5.) No headaches.
6.) Energy is through the roof.

Why Paleo is Hard -
1.) It takes preparation and planning.
2.) I have to cook.
3.) Reduced sweets is hard for my sweet tooth.
4.) It says no alcohol, but let's get real here.

Time to take the challenge!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Where have I been?

Well - that's a great questions. Thanks for asking. I can honestly say that I have been lost in a haze of sugar for the last 8 months. Last year I lost around 40lbs, I got into running, was eating very clean, got rid of joint pain, completely thinned down and felt awesome. Fast forward a year through a break up, a new stressful job, a home sale and purchase, a move, one of my kitties died and gained 55lbs. I feel horrible, nothing fits me anymore, and I look terrible. I have to find a way to get my life back under control. I know what needs to be done. I have resolve every morning to make it happen and then by the end of the day I have lost that resolve. . So I am going to take this in steps. Here are some life changes I will make through 2015. 1.) Start eating regular meals only and stop all day grazing. 2.) Eliminate all artificial sweeteners and additives. 3.) Get back to clean, Paleo eating. 4.) Incorporate regular exercise back into schedule. 5.) Get enough sleep each night. 6.) Drink water every day. (I haven't had a soda now in 2 years!) 7.) Mindful eating So step one is to work on #1 above. I will start eating at 7am, noon, 4pm energy bar, and dinner at 7:00pm. That is the plan. Here I go!! Merry Christmas! Alison