Sunday, December 28, 2014

30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

So I have joined a 30 clean eating challenge online. I joined the following event to start this challenge on January 5th. I want to use this to get back into my clean eating program (i.e. Paleo Program). It's time to make a change. I will incorporate this into my plan to eat regularly schedule meals.

Why I Like Paleo -
1.) Lose weight.
2.) Get lean - you lose fat and not muscle.
3.) Joints feel amazing!!
4.) Skin clears up.
5.) No headaches.
6.) Energy is through the roof.

Why Paleo is Hard -
1.) It takes preparation and planning.
2.) I have to cook.
3.) Reduced sweets is hard for my sweet tooth.
4.) It says no alcohol, but let's get real here.

Time to take the challenge!!


  1. Hey lady! Glad to see you blogging again! I am was just poking around because I am going to restart mine...or maybe a new one. This will be our year!

    1. i am still linked to your old one. If you start new let me know.

      it is our year!!