Thursday, October 20, 2011

Binge Trigger - Procrastination

So I am just finishing a night of straight working. I took a quick hour nap about 3 hours ago. I am exhausted and I want to eat everything in site. I sure wish my zen feeling was back right now!!! I did eat more this evening than I have been and I totally didn't follow the eating guidelines. But all in all I think I did OK under the circumstances.

So one of my lessons tonight is that I tend to binge when I am procrastinating. When I really don't want to do something and I am trying to find anything to keep me from having to start. So what I have to do now is really pay attention to that and find a different channel for that energy. Really what I need to do is just suck it up and do what I am putting off. Once I get started I am usually just fine. Its the stress I put on myself ahead of time.

Well, off to shower and to work. I will be leaving the office early today to head home for sleep or I will be binging for another reason.


  1. Hey, Alison - sounds like you are really making some big changes in your life since the retreat. It definitely is different putting the practices into our real lives rather than during the retreat week - I felt almost *high* coming home from that! I'm still plugging away, too, and trying to take each opportunity as a learning experience - even if I end up not following the guidelines or making a nourishing choice for myself. If I can take the learning from the situation, then I can keep moving forward on the path. Trying to remember that this *is* the process! Thinking of you! xo Nadine

  2. Hi Alison. I finally got to a place where I have internet, and was able to find your blog. This is a first for me - a personal blog. Nice. Your sentiments mirror many of mine. This being "fully present" business is really hard, but I believe it is the key to all of it - i.e. true hunger, the what to eat, the when to stop, etc. I am keeping fairly much on the straight and narrow. However, I do still eat unconsciously, but am quick to catch myself, "in the act." I am less frantic about it all, more philosophical I guess. Really glad you were one of my roommates. Fondly, Lisa