Thursday, February 26, 2015


Oh my goodness - where the heck did February go?  I can't believe that the month is coming to an end this weekend.  I look back and I am not sure I accomplished much, but I feel like I was constantly busy. 

I wasn't super focused on being perfect this month.  I am still trying hard to cook on Sunday to have meals planned for the week.  I totally feel the days that I do not eat properly.  I get major headaches and am so lethargic.  It's crazy what a little too much sugar will do to you.  I did hop on the scale and I stayed flat.  Even with a couple of snow days thrown in the there!  I didn't rebound, I just paused.

I have been thinking, but not doing, about starting to workout again.  I have some good videos that I can pop in the DVD Player in the morning and get a quick 30 minutes in.  I have to start doing this again to really get back on track.  When I was running before I was slimming down so fast. 

I am going to challenge myself in March to workout 30 minutes a day!  30 minutes x 31 days and see what happens to the number on the scale and more importantly the shape of my body.

I'm excited to report back to you all!

- Alison

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