Thursday, February 17, 2011

Geneen Roth Session #5 Notes

This isn't a must read all for all. I am just using the blog as a place to take my notes from the Geneen Roth session that was held, just a short 8 months ago. I never finished listening to the sessions. Something about listening without seeing is hard to do. I don't know how they did it back in the day when a radio was all people had. YIKES!

"Relearning Loveliness"

  1. Change needs to be taken slowly. It doesn't happen overnight. Make your choices and start to make small changes and build on that new habit.

  2. How do you change a habit? By wanting to make a change.

  3. Binge = bolting from yourself and avoiding discomfort

  4. Become aware on a daily basis your goals.

  5. Every binge = a lost opportunity to be with yourself and to break free from your pattern.

  6. Question the beliefs that lead you to think that it is not OK for you to be happy.

  7. Sometimes it is necessary to retreach a thing its loveliness. To put a hand on its brow on the flow and to retell it in words and in touch that it is lovely.

  8. Question the belief that you are not lovely (i.e. always a failure, not loveable, not fixable)

  9. This process is not an intellectual process.

  10. When your mind stops you can reach your true being. Tap into essense.

  11. Know your patterns and you will be able to divert more quickly. You don't have to keep rexploring it.

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  1. Some interesting points, especially those about binging. I might check out one of her books, as I am now trying to focus more on the mental/emotional part of weight loss.