Sunday, February 27, 2011

Geneen Roth Session #6

This is the last online session that happened back last summer. Since I am dusting off all my Geneen Roth materials I decided to finish the last session that I never got to.

Geneen has many practices that she outlines throughout her books and her session. She wants us to pick one practice at a time and work on that. Not to try to do this all at the same time. It's too overwhelming to make all the changes at once. But change isn't going to happen on its own- we have to work the practice one at a time. Master one and move to the next practice. Continue to work all the past practices. What are you willing to put into practice?

Notes -
  1. We do not change ourselves by force, deprivation, guilt, fear, shame, or punishment. This results in a counter force that makes your rebound in some way at some time.
  2. Force closes the heart.
  3. Change happens from love to love.
  4. When we practice being kind to ourselves and listening to ourselves it becomes impossible to binge. (what is going on, am i hungry, am i full, why do i want to binge) - be quiet with yourself and listen.
  5. Take in the good in your life - what's positive, appreciate it, acknowledge (not necessarily huge things - small accomplishments are great too).
  6. Do you feel safe at the weight you are at? Do you need to feel badly about yourself to feel safe? Do you identify yourself at a certain weight?
  7. Who are you loyal to? What are you loyal to?
  8. What do you need to do to feel loved? Is it maladaptive?
  9. How do you realign? Be curious about it, inquire about it, sit with it, disengage from "the voice"
  10. Brain likes familiarity. Outside of this creates dissonance, lack of safety feeling, pull to go back
  11. Expect to be very uncomfortable getting outside of your comfort zone.
  12. The more you turn to food when you are not hungry the more powerless you feel about taking action on your own behalf. You feel younger, more hopeless, more dependant.
  13. Food is not teaching you to trust yourself, feel more powerful, not serving your best interest, not bringing you closer to yourself
  14. It's good to have an inquiry partner that you can meet with regularly to talk. Follow the inquiry steps in the back of Women, Food and God.
  15. Change your orientation or relationship to your experiences and redirect from food.
  16. It's not about the experience itself it's how you react to it.
  17. Meditation - don't feel like a failure if this is hard to do.
  18. Meditation - time to be with yourself, know what is going on in your mind, getting to know your mind
  19. Don't let your thoughts send you to a binge. They are just thoughts and shouldn't have that power. No matter how horrible or mean. All thoughts should be welcomed and questioned.
  20. Thoughts are uncontrollable, what you can control is where you place your attention (relationship to them)
  21. "When I get to the end of my life I want to a bride that was married to amazement."
  22. Our life is not about the number on the scale or how good we did last week or our pants size. It's about knowing who we are. Use our relationship with food to know who we are.

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