Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quick Update

Hi all!

Just wanted to give you an update. Last week's post I was a bit down and super frustrated. I listed a few ideas that I was going to apply for the week to see if it made any difference.

Well, I did apply them and I lost 3.6 pounds last week!! Woo Hoo. So that makes me happy.

My new fitness monitor is super cool. I love seeing how many calories I have burned for the day. I know now on the days that I don't get as much exercise, I really have to cut back quite a bit. I also know that I have to try to get more sleep. I am missing out on about 2 hours a night. I also know that I can have a small amount of indulgence (Saturday was a BBQ and I had a hot dog and small piece of cake) and still lose weight.

So I am much happier this week and wanted to let you all know.

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  1. YAY! That is great! Keep it up, girl! I am in a downward spiral of vacation binging. Not beating myself up about it, plan to refocus upon returning. What fitness monitor do you have? I was looking at the i-fit, I think it was called. Give me a review of yours!