Thursday, July 7, 2011

Waste of Time and Money?

Well 7 weeks into Jenny Craig and I have lost 4 pounds. Woo Freakin Hoo!!! It is so incredibly frustrating. I have also been going to a trainer for over a year and have netted a whopping zero pounds weight loss.

I went out Sunday night this week and ate and drank way too much. I tried to correct through the rest of the week (even burning over 1,000 calories at the gym on Tuesday) but I was still up a half a pound from weigh in last week.

I mean, I understand what happened. It's not a shock to me. But I just HATE HATE HATE that I feel I can't have any fun and still lose weight. I feel I have to stay in all weekend and not be tempted because I can't trust my decisions. And that doesn't help me at all because I just end up feeling sad and lonely and eat any way.

So here is my plan -

1.) We adjusted my weekly calories on Jenny to allow me some wiggle room with my plan to still allow for a bit of "fun".

2.) Find new and inventive ways to hang out with friends without going out to eat all the time.

3.) I have a new body monitor to show me how much I am burning a day in calories and adjust from there as needed. I think that I am not burning as much as I think I am and need to have a way to keep thing in check.

So that is that. This will all work its way out.

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  1. Sorry. :-( I know it's frustrating. Just hang in's a matter of finding what works for you. Ever thought about Medifast? I've heard it works great! ;-) You can't say you aren't trying...keep at it!