Monday, July 25, 2011

Training Week Crazy!

Last week I was in training every day in DC. It was a LONG week. Typical day:

  • My mornings started at 5am sharp.

  • I was out the door by 6 (after feeding all the animals, showering and cleaning up, and trying to eat a bit of breakfast myself).

  • Drop Roxie off at daycare for the day (yes, that is the dog).

  • I met some coworkers at the office to drive in to the city at 6:45.

  • An hour later we are at the hotel in the city and getting ready for a long day of teaching.

  • Lunch break around noon (they served us really good food which was nice).

  • Afternoon break - avoided desserts for the most part!

  • Crossed fingers each day that I would be able to leave DC at 5pm.

  • Make it back to pick up Roxie at 6:30.

  • Home by 7:15.

  • Get dinner ready for all the animals.

  • Eat dinner myself.

  • Finish homework from class and prepare for presentation at the end of the week.

  • Finish emails from work and take care of anything that needs completing.

  • Off to bed around mid-night to start it all over again.

So - needless to say that I didn't get any exercise last week. My eating wasn't horrible. I think I made good choices based on what I was presented with. I went and weighed in on Saturday and I was down 1 pound. It was actually 1 pound more than I expected so I was pretty happy. I now know that for the next 4 months I have to do what I can to lose weight for the first 3 weeks and then expect my week of training to be a wash. That is OK. I am proud of myself and the fact that I didn't gain weight. WOO HOO!!!

Off to bed now. I am realizing that my sleeping habits are playing a big roll in my weight loss issues. I don't get nearly enough sleep. Too much to do! Good night!!

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  1. 1 lb with that crazy schedule is quite an accomplishment! Good job!