Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 2 Update and Week 3 Plan

So week 2 went really well.  I made super delicious taco meat and made tacos out of lettuce.  It was so good and something to look forward to for dinner.  I also made an egg, buffalo chicken casserole.  Again - super delicious!!

The week went really well.  I have been staying on track really well.  I am really working on the 80/20 rule.  As long as I am clean 80% of the time I am really happy with my progress.

I also started bumping up my morning walks with Roxie.  I am taking 3lb weights with me to do arm exercises while walking.  My biceps and shoulders are pretty sore.  I also started jogging portions of the walk.  I would like to start running 5ks again this spring and summer.  Maybe even work up to a 10k.  I wanted to do that last year, but just never got motivated. 

So all in all I had a good week.  Very stressful week coming up and I need to plan and be well prepared.  Snacks, meals all right at hand.  There won't be much time to cook this week.

Here are this week's recipes -
1.) Chicken Fajitas -

2.) Cauliflower Rice -

3.) Crab Cakes -

Weight Update -
Pounds Lost - 10lbs

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