Sunday, January 10, 2010

Great Weekend!

Well, I made it through a great weekend. I didn't stress about food. I didn't binge at all. I had lunch both days out with friends and ate sensibly, but again didn't stress about it. When dinner came around both nights I was only slightly hungry so I had my meal replacement and was totally satisfied.

I am really excited about learning how to balance my days. I can have a bigger lunch with friends as long as I balance it out late with a small dinner. This feels right and good.

I am still cutting out all "Kids Sugar" except for a low fat ice cream bar at night. But no candy, cookies, cake, pie, etc.

I am still struggling with incorporating exercise into my routine on a regular basis. I realized its because I am bored with what I have available to me. I have some places I want to check out for a change of pace. Zumba or Cycling or something. Just for a change up. I am also going to get back into my weight lifting tomorrow morning.

I have to come up with a new plan for my alarm clock. I have been hitting snooze WAY TOO MUCH. I have to get up in the morning so I can do all the things I want to do. Exercise, walk the dog, feed the pets, drink coffee and eat breakfast, workout and then get to the office on time. PHEW!!! Lots to do first thing in the am. But I like doing all of that. Better than trying to do it in the evening.

I am changing!

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