Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Under Appreciated

OK - so this is today's feeling. As I was driving home from work I was feeling sorry for myself because I am feeling a bit left out and separated from others at work. My best friend at work has left, my boss hasn't been in for a week, I am just back to work from 2 weeks off, I am in the middle of evaluations at work, and I don't see any immediate growth with my current position. So - I am feeling a bit lost at the moment. I really wanted to eat tonight when I got home, but I resisted the urge and stuck with my meal shake.

This is just another identification of an emotion that can lead me to binge.

I know that I am being silly with this. I know that people appreciate me and that I am a valued asset at work. I am now talking my self down from the edge and appreciating what I have and where I am with my career. Life is good. I need to remember that and totally appreciate what I have and where I have come from.

I am appreciated and valued!

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