Friday, January 1, 2010

Vacation is Ending

Well I am almost done with my vacation time. I have gotten quite a bit done around the house which is great. I am looking forward to a bit of structure again with my time. I am starting to lose a bit of control with my eating. I have been to McDonald's twice in 3 days and ordered a pizza. I just don't normally do that. I haven't been focused on my rules and need to get back on track,

I know one thing for me to do when I feel things slipping is to start writing things down again. It always helps me to get back on track. I also took some nasty fat pictures today to add to my journal. Nothing motivates you more than looking at your double chin - YUCK!

No New Years resolutions though. I am not going to set myself up for that. I do want to lose 5 pounds a month each month in 2010. That would get me to goal. I also want to start going to church again. Aim will be twice a month.

I can change!

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