Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here I am!

Well I haven't posted in a very long time. Not sure what prompted me to hop back on today, but I thought I would leave a message. I think with a lot of bloggers, it's great in the beginning and then the newness wears off and we stop blogging. Well I am going to make and attempt to blog a few times a week. It does help to get things off my chest.

So since I last left a message, nothing new has changed. I am still bingeing and not losing weight. I have been trying really hard to curb some bad behaviors and get parts of my life in order. I did very well for a few weeks and have since relapsed. So I have to start again.

1.) I am not going to make extra stops at the grocery store for food. All food I need for the week will be purchased on my weekend trip.

2.) I will cut out sugar from my life. This one is SO HARD!!!! But the second I start to eat it again I go crazy and lose control again.

I am sure a lot of people saw the Oprah episode this week. So I have purchased a Genene Roth book. I read some of her excerpts and there isn't a lot of information that is new. I just need to work on eating in the present moment and focus on that. I need to make better choices based on what my body needs not necessarily what I want to eat all the time. I also need to exercise more.


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