Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So Far, So Good

This week has been going pretty good. Allowing myself to add some of my favorites into a meal when I am hungry is really nice. I have actually kept cupcakes in my house this whole week. They are there in the fridge and I haven't totally gorged on them. AMAZING! I actually had a salad and a cookie today for lunch. I think the guy at the store thought I was crazy. But I don't care.

Exercise has been good so far. I went to my first Zumba class tonight and had such a great time. Just a bunch of white ladies pretending we have rhythm! Too funny. :o) But it was so much fun.

Geneen Roth's first online retreat session was last night. Here were a few of the take aways -
  1. Diets don't work.
  2. Change doesn't come by loathing yourself
  3. We do what we do for the best possible reasons. We turn to food because we feel this is our best solution to the pain.
  4. Pain is part of life. Everyone has pain.
  5. Our relationship with food is a doorway to how we approach everything.

So I am hitting this at all angles now and am feeling pretty good. On the upside right now.

I can continue!

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