Saturday, January 7, 2012

I have been working on my resolution list this week trying to figure out what things to do each month to make sure I am focused. Following The Happiness Project I really need to build a "Resolution Chart" to give myself daily golds stars to keep myself on track. Each item below would have sub-actions. Things that I can focus on specifically. So that is the next step for this up coming week. Organize my thoughts and build a Resolution Chart.

Started A Few Things, but I need more of a plan:
Following my eating guidelines
Regular Exercise (Going to the gym 3 times per week)
Drinking 64oz of water
Meditating regularly
Reducing stress with more organization in the house
Taking a multi-vitamin
Watch less TV

No Action Yet (which is fine):
Getting more sleep
Limit salt intake
Adopt a better skin care program
Eating more fruits and vegetables, less fake foods (processed)
Cutting back on caffeine

Not too much else to report this week. Just keeping really busy with work, the pets and just getting back into the swing of things. Sorry not much of an update this week, but I did want to give a quick post.

Have a great week!


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