Sunday, December 27, 2009

Post Christmas - Post Family Time

Well, I made it through Christmas with little issues. I had a nice time with family and didn't think too much about food. When i was getting ready to come home I started thinking about what I was going to eat when I got home. I talked myself out of that thinking for awhile. I did give in a bit today but I didn't do too bad.

Back on the bandwagon tomorrow. I have to go through the kitchen and get rid of a few things that are sitting in there, but not too much. The next few days should be pretty busy for me as I start a few house projects. I have 5 days to do several projects in my bathrooms. And then this upcoming weekend, Christmas stuff has to come down.

I wish I had written this morning, but the day got away from me again. Tomorrow morning I will get up and get somethings done around the house. It is very easy to sit on the couch and let the whole day go by playing video games or watching TV. But not anymore this week. I have to get somethings done.

I will get up and get moving.

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