Thursday, November 19, 2009

Feeling like crap

I needed to write this post as a reminder to myself how bad I feel after a binge night and after a night a carb overload. I went to bed last night with a horrible headache and woke up this morning with the same pounding in my head. I feel heavy, lethargic, in a fog, and listless. This is not how I want to feel and not how I need to feel to make my days productive. This is a horrible feeling. Nothing I ate last night was good enough to make what I feel now worthwhile. I just feel so horribly BLAH!!! I know that healthy eating prepares me for a day with energy and more focus. I need to remember that the next time the thought of eating a loaf of bread comes over me. It makes me feel like crap (physically and emotionally).

The worst part of carb overload is that it makes you want more and more. Your body craves it and you have to go back through withdrawal again. Refocusing is the key this week and weekend and making much better choices for my body and mind.

I can do this!

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