Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting Started

This is truely my first blog ever. I just recently started reading people's blogs and started to see how theraputic they are to the people writing them. I decided to give this a try myself as a way to start writing out my thoughts and feelings as I would through my compulsive eating disorder.

I am a compulsive overeater.

I have tried all kinds of diets that have worked for awhile, but not long term. I also went to Overeaters Annonymous (OA) for a short period of time. I think it is a great organization, but I wasn't ready to commit to it at the time. As with anything, the timing needs to be right. I have other issues to work through and talk about before I think OA will work for me.

I am very unhappy at this point in my life and have been turning to food more and more as a way to get rid of the sad feelings. But as I do this I become more and more unhappy. It is a vicious cycle that I am in at this point in my life. I hate that food has taken over such my of time and effort. I do not want to be in a relationship with food. I want to have human relationships, but things have been spiraling out of control.

My hope with this blog is that I now have a channel to funnel some of these feelings. A way to release them instead of stuffing them down with more food.

I start this blogwith selfish reasons, but I also hope at some point that my thoughts and feelings may just help someone else.

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