Saturday, November 28, 2009

Post Thanksgiving

Well I survived Thanksgiving. I did pretty well before and after. I'm just trying to get through the next few weeks without a big binge. I haven't been focusing on making the best decisions, just trying to not make a horrible one. Doing pretty well with that so far.

I have been reading an interesting book. "The end of overeating. Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite." By David A Kessler, MD. It's a very interesting book that discuss how the food industry manufactures food to make us want more and more. It's not blaming the food industry with the obesity rates in America, but it helps to explain why we feel sometimes that we have no control. In some cases the Sugar, fat, salt combinations in our food has as strong a pull on us as cocaine does for a drug addict.

I am still reading so I haven't made it to the "how to break the cycle" section. But it seems to be leading to what some of us know. We have to give up certain food or face continued binges. The thought of this makes me nervous. But what I have been doing hasn't been working. And one of the things OA teaches you is that you only have to focus on today. I can give something up for one day. Then I will work on the next day tomorrow.

I am heading out of town next week for work so it may be a few days again until another post.

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