Friday, November 13, 2009


So it is Friday night and the start of my hardest few days of the week in terms of my eating patterns. I think for most people they let down their guards over the weekend and eat a bit more liberally than they would during the week. I am no different. This is where the good I may have done during the week melts away into constant grazing and possible binges.

I think for me my issue with the weekends has many different sides to it. There is less structure on the weekend then during the week when I am running from meeting to meeting at work and have less time to think about food.

I also find that weekends are lonelier. At this point in my life I am not dating anybody. So that weighs heavier on me during the weekends. I want to be out dating and finding someone to share my life, but I don't feel comfortable enough in my skin to make the move to work on that.

This weekend should be OK. I am heading out of town with my college roommates. We are going to go to a spa and relax. I am really looking forward to that. I know I won't be bingeing while I am there, but I will be drinking. That does tend to lead to binges once I am home. I also have issues with being out with friends and then coming back home. I am not sure why that makes me so uncomfortable and why it leads to overeating. I will have to address that in another blog.

But for now I am looking forward to the weekend and am trying to not binge before or after the girls weekend. I can do it!

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