Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Following the Rules

Well, yesterday I followed the rules to a tee. I had my moments where I thought - "I don't have to do this perfectly". At that point I stopped myself immediately and said "YES YOU DO". Don't let IT (my addicted voice) lead my life. I am able to take control of this. Food will not have power over me any longer.

I am happy to be taking this control.

I am also going to start working on a small thought journal. In this journal I am going to write small reminders to myself about how bad I feel when I binge and how good I feel when I don't. I am sure that everyone is aware that over time we tend to remember the good and not the bad. So I have to have a constant reminder that a full day of sugar leads to horrible headaches and lethargy. A day of exercise leads to energy and optimism. I will tape in pictures of me at different stages of weight. I want reminders of how my outward appearance changes with weight gain and loss.

I am also going to reach out to a friend and see if she wants to be a weight loss buddy. We can support each other through this process.

My Ultimate Goal - I want to lose 50lbs before Thanksgiving 2010.

I am making this happen!!

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