Thursday, December 17, 2009

Struggle Continues

So this week I have a total of 5 holiday events. I had a dinner last night and I think I did pretty good. Today I have lunch and cocktail hour. Tomorrow I have lunch and then happy hour. So the plan this week is to have controlled fun with friends. No plans to lose weight this week - its all about maintenance.

I have been doing a great job. My addicted, sugar craving voice has been speaking very loudly to me. I think I am eager for vacation and want the next few days to pass quickly. I also had to have surgery on my kitty and that caused stress, but I didn't eat. I am very proud.

They say it takes 3 weeks to adopt a new change. I am a week and a half in. Half way there.

I talked to a friend last night that gives himself monthly challenges to adjust different things in his life. I like that idea and will start that in 2010. I am on a monthly challenge now to follow my rules and continue on this course. I like his one challenge to cut out all "kid" sugar. Anything that a kid would consider as candy or a sweet. This will be January's challenge.

I am a challenger!

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